01 Safety & Crime

  • Reinstate auxiliary police and Organized Crime task force
  • Continued support for emergency services, police & firefighters
  • Consult with all agencies for short & long term solutions
  • Support ‘Journey Home’ plan to implement solutions
  • Work with all agencies, IHA and Province to:
    • Increase detox centers & rehabilitation facilities
    • Support victims & those suffering with physical & mental illness
    • Coordinate service providers, BC Housing,RCMP on opioid crisis

02 Transportation & Infrastructure

  • Address roadway congestion – Hwy 97, Enterprise, Springfield
  • Move forward on perimeter road - Upper to Lower Mission
  • Increase bus accessibility & frequency
  • Address parking shortages
  • Work with Province on 2nd bridge crossing
  • Resume discussions and refocus on North-end Connector

03 Water Quality & Sustainability

  • Work together collaboratively to ensure water supply and interconnectivity
  • Manage lake level to prevent future flooding
  • Ensure sufficient water supply to combat serious fire threat
  • Ensure clean drinking water for future generations
  • Support invasive mussel program to protect Okanagan Lake

04 Financial & City Management

  • Manage budgets responsibly & review tax hikes
  • Review cost of DCCs and impact on housing affordability
  • Review licensing & processing time for efficiency

05 Economic Vitality & Sustained Growth

  • Support ‘clean industries’ with higher paying jobs
  • Continue to support agriculture and agri-tourism
  • Support Downtown densification while keeping our lakeside beauty
  • Promote proper planning in all areas of the City
  • Focus on ‘Attainable Housing’
  • Continue to attract & support younger workers
  • Evaluate a Convention Centre – Public/Private Partnership

06 Lifestyle & Vitality

  • Support Arts & Culture
  • Focus on activities & entertainment for families
  • Fix childrens’ waterpark in City Park
  • Ensure our parks are safe, clean and vibrant gathering places
  • Support quality of life and services for seniors
  • Capitalize on natural beauty by enhancing biking & walking trails

07 Leadership with Integrity

  • Consultative – gets personally involved
  • Experienced – 32 years in business, extensive community & government policy involvement
  • Collaborative – works with all involved for best solution
  • Proven track record of success
  • Genuinely cares for citizens’ well-being

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